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Figure c02/6133863162001
Figure 2.23
Abdominal assessment
Figure c02/c02f004
Figure 2.4
Figure c02/c02f008
Figure 2.8
The lymph nodes of the head and neck.
Figure c02/c02f012
Figure 2.12
Ladder pattern for percussion and auscultation of the chest.
Figure c02/c02f016
Figure 2.16
Auscultation points and location of the heart valves.
Figure c02/c02f020
Figure 2.20
Percussion technique during abdominal examination.
Figure c02/c02f001
Figure 2.1
Phases of the nursing process. Source : Reproduced from Weber and Kelley ( ) with permission of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
Figure c02/c02f005
Figure 2.5
Structures of the respiratory system. Source : Reproduced from Peate et al. ( ) with permission of John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Figure c02/c02f009
Figure 2.9
Position of hands to assess for chest expansion.
Figure c02/c02f013
Figure 2.13
Structure of the heart. Source : Reproduced from Peate et al. ( ) with permission of John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Figure c02/c02f017
Figure 2.17
Organs of the gastrointestinal system. Source : Reproduced from Peate et al. ( ) with permission of John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Figure c02/c02f021
Figure 2.21
Light palpation during abdominal examination.
Figure c02/c02f002
Figure 2.2
Examples of 1 unit of alcohol. Source : Drinkaware ( ). Reproduced with permission of Drinkaware.
Figure c02/c02f006
Figure 2.6
Lung, fissures and lobes. RUL, right upper lobe; RML, right middle lobe, RLL, right lower lobe; LUL, left upper lobe; LLL, left lower lobe.
Figure c02/c02f010
Figure 2.10
Locations for feeling fremitus: back.
Figure c02/c02f014
Figure 2.14
Location of the internal jugular veins within the sternomastoid muscles in the neck.
Figure c02/c02f018
Figure 2.18
The four quadrants of the abdomen. LLQ, left lower quadrant; LUQ, left upper quadrant; RLQ, right lower quadrant; RUQ, right upper quadrant.
Figure c02/c02f022
Figure 2.22
Deep palpation during abdominal examination.
Figure c02/c02f003
Figure 2.3
Physical assessment framework. Source : Reproduced from Baid ( ) with permission of MA Healthcare Limited.
Figure c02/c02f007
Figure 2.7
Structures of the chest and thorax.
Figure c02/c02f011
Figure 2.11
Locations for feeling fremitus: front.
Figure c02/c02f015
Figure 2.15
Measuring a jugular venous pressure.
Figure c02/c02f019
Figure 2.19
Stethoscope positioning for auscultating bruits.