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Figure c16/c16f001
Figure 16.1
Malignant hyperthermia crisis: AAGBI safety guideline. Source : Adapted from AAGBI ( ) with permission of the Association of Anaesthetists.
Figure c16/c16f005
Figure 16.5
Pulmonary embolism.
Figure c16/c16f009a
Figure 16.9
Example of a venous thromboembolism (VTE) risk assessment form. Source : Reproduced from DH ( ) with permission of the National Institute for Health ...
Figure c16/c16f013a
Figure 16.13
Example of a pre‐operative and theatre checklist.
Figure c16/c16f017
Figure 16.17
Surgical team.
Figure c16/c16f021
Figure 16.21
Laparoscopic stapling and energy instruments.
Figure c16/c16f025
Figure 16.25
Example of a complete endoscopy stack system.
Figure c16/c16f029
Figure 16.29
Surgical scrub.
Figure c16/c16f033
Figure 16.33
High vacuum suction unit.
Figure c16/c16f037
Figure 16.37
Recovery bay.
Figure c16/c16uf002
Figure 5
Measure (a) thigh circumference and (b) mid‐calf circumference.
Figure c16/c16uf006
Figure 8
Diathermy plate in position.
Figure c16/c16uf010
Figure 15
Position of safety pin through open drain to prevent retraction.
Figure c16/c16f002a
Figure 16.2
Guide to preoperative medication.
Figure c16/c16f006
Figure 16.6
Deep vein thrombosis.
Figure c16/c16f010
Figure 16.10
Intermittent compression device and boots.
Figure c16/c16f014
Figure 16.14
The World Health Organization's Surgical Safety Checklist. Source : Reproduced from WHO ( ) with permission of the World Health Organization.
Figure c16/c16f018
Figure 16.18
Port placement for pneumoperitoneum in laparoscopic or robotic surgery.
Figure c16/c16f022
Figure 16.22
Da Vinci surgical robotic operating theatre.
Figure c16/c16f026
Figure 16.26
Lithotomy position.
Figure c16/c16f030a
Figure 16.30
(a) Surgical scrubbing technique. (b) Surgical rubbing technique. Source : Adapted from Health Protection Scotland ( ) with permission of the NHS.
Figure c16/c16f034
Figure 16.34
Operating table.
Figure c16/c16f038
Figure 16.38
Potential post‐operative complications.
Figure c16/c16uf003
Figure 6
(a) Ensure the heel is centred in the heel pocket. (b) Pull the stocking up over the ankle.
Figure c16/c16uf007
Figure 9
Surgical equipment in sterile field.
Figure c16/c16f003
Figure 16.3
An example of a 12‐lead electrocardiogram (ECG).
Figure c16/c16f007
Figure 16.7
Figure c16/c16f011
Figure 16.11
Example of a patient information sheet for deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Source : Adapted from Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust ( ) with permission o...
Figure c16/c16f015
Figure 16.15
Anaesthetic machine.
Figure c16/c16f019
Figure 16.19
Laparoscopic stack system.
Figure c16/c16f023
Figure 16.23
Specialist staff using Da Vinci robotic equipment.
Figure c16/c16f027
Figure 16.27
Figure c16/c16f031
Figure 16.31
Lateral transfer, carried out in order from (a) to (f).
Figure c16/c16f035
Figure 16.35
Diathermy equipment.
Figure c16/c16f039
Figure 16.39
(a) Top to bottom: corrugated, Yates and Penrose drains. (b) Robinson's drain attached to a sterile closed drainage bag. (c) Redivac drain. (d) Concer...
Figure c16/c16uf004
Figure 5
(a) Lateral position. (b) Prone position.
Figure c16/c16uf008
Figure 10
Surgical dressing in situ .
Figure c16/c16f004
Figure 16.4
Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET).
Figure c16/c16f008
Figure 16.8
Antiembolic stockings. (a) Thigh length. (b) Knee length.
Figure c16/c16f012
Figure 16.12
Example of skin marked for surgery.
Figure c16/c16f016
Figure 16.16
Mallampati classification of the airway.
Figure c16/c16f020
Figure 16.20
Laparoscopic telescope.
Figure c16/c16f024
Figure 16.24
Robotic surgical team. Source : Reproduced with permission of Intuitive Medical, Inc. © 2014 Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
Figure c16/c16f028
Figure 16.28
Lloyd‐Davies position.
Figure c16/c16f032
Figure 16.32
Thromboprophylaxis and pressure area prevention devices.
Figure c16/c16f036
Figure 16.36
Operating lights.
Figure c16/c16f040
Figure 16.40
Surgical wound dressings.
Figure c16/c16uf005
Figure 7
Warming blanket
Figure c16/c16uf009
Figure 12
Use forceps to gently lift the knot of the suture.